1. ted roach says

    these are the best boats that I have run. hauled a 55″ bull moose complete with 4 people off dry ground and cruised the river at 34 mph only burning 8gph. I know have 231 hours on this boat and it impresses me more every time I use it. Thank You Alumitech

  2. dave joseph says

    Dear Ron Miller,
    I am CEO
    Military Vehicles Specialist Group MVSG,
    Military Vehicles Specialist ( THAILAND ) MVST.
    Dave Joseph Military Vehicles Specialist DJMVS.

    We are going to be doing Air Boats here in Thailand and i would like to know the Pros & Cons Of the different Hull Designs Please ???

    We are going to make parts in Thailand as they will be MUCH Cheaper,
    so if i can help you with any thing over here please let me know ???

    Thanks in Advance,
    Dave Joseph,

  3. tom reynolds says

    hi, i’m interested in an all season(water,ice,hard surface) used airboat.would appreciate if i could arrange a conversation with one of your number is 1-406-687-3738. i live in glendive,montana.thank-you.

  4. Geoff says

    What would a complete Swamp Eagle Camouflage Kit cost? I’d need everything, i.e prop, etc and drive system except motor. I live in South Africa and would use motor and fuel appropriate for conditions here. What HP is recommended and would I be able to baffle the sound right down, as I would like to run near wild animals?

    • says

      Hi Geoff,

      Someone will contact you shortly with that information or you can contact our sales office by Phone: 407-826-5373 or 407-826-0497, Fax: 407-857-8569 to get a quote.

      Thank you for your inquiry.

  5. Ray Nelson says

    I am interested in the Swamp Eagle airboat and would like a brochure including specs and avaiable accessories. Cell number is 904-451-2904.

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