SOLD – 18′x8′ Ice Boat For Sale

18x8 Ice Boat

This Boat Has Been Sold! More boats will be available soon.  18’ x 8’ AGI’A with 28” sides and 21” transom 11 full length T bars  3/8” polymer on bottom; 1/4” polymer side strips  New non skid on floor board and deck  36” grass rake with 1/4” poly on nose  Mild steel metal work powder […]

14′ Water Thunder Powered Airboat

This is Robert Duncanson’s Water Thunder powered ride. Nothing else has throttle response and low end torque like a Water Thunder motor! This 14′ airboat has plenty of power. Click on the thumbnails below to play videos. YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 – No longer available

Airboat Drive Units


The CH-3 Airboat Belted Reduction Drive Unit is designed for a large block GM, Chevrolet, and Cadillac engine. The CH-3 models can bolt to GM V-8, Small Block, V-8 Big Block, and GM Diesels. CH-3 models are used on 15′ and larger airboats.  The available ratios for a CH-3 belted airboat drive unit are:  1.774 […]