Oil Spill Response Airboats

We have built boats for all of the major players in this industry and know exactly what is needed to get the job done. Airboats in oils spill conditions have several applications: Transporting equipment and people Towing, adjusting, and settling boom They can operate in shallow rivers, lakes, and shorelines They can operate in any weather […]

Airboat Trailers

     We offer both Aluminum and steel airboat trailers.  All trailers are made of the highest quality for any size or type of boat.      Aluminum airboat trailers all come with single or dual torsion axles depending on the desired setup. The standard  equipment on these trailers would be an additional cost at other suppliers. […]

Kit Airboats

Alumitech Inc. being a complete custom builder we can build a boat to any level of completion you wish but these are the three different kit levels we use for reference: Kit 1: The basic kit includes the hull complete. Metal work with your choice of stainless (natural finish) or mild steel (powder coated or painted). […]

Hull Designs Information

Coast Gaurd certified tour boat 25 X 10

       Alumitech Inc. has roots going back to Air GatorAirboats in the 1970’s. We have been building aluminum airboat hulls as Alumitech Inc. since the early 1980’s. Most advancement in aluminum airboat hull technology has been done here. We have built hulls for every type of airboat application around the world and have the best […]