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Alumitech has always been interested and built many other products. This is our latest V-hull work boat. It has been built with the same high quality and heavy duty construction processes as all of our boats. This quality and durability has built our reputation and the reputation of other air boat companies that use our hull in their manufacturing processes for almost 30 years now.

We are proud to offer the finest aluminum airboats produced. We also offer a full line of airboat parts such as tanks, rudders, headers, and instrument panels. From the first production of the AGI hull in the early 90’s we have been the standard for aluminum airboat hull designs. No one can mach the innovative designs of our airboat hulls and parts.

As a custom manufacturer of airboats we have produced boats that perform in all areas of airboating. Our boats are perfect for pleasure boating, fishing, hunting, and cruising. We have also been producing work boats for oil companies for the last 25 years. These boats have had many different uses including crew boats, survey boats, freight boats and double wide drill boats. Within this industry we have also built oil spill response airboats capable of deploying great lengths of containment boom.