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Aug 09

Crave Duet USB Sex Toy Vibrator

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The Duet by Crave: USB + Vibrator = match made in orgasm heaven.

The sleek design doesn’t even look like a vibrator, even better it is waterproof and virtually silent. The design eliminates the hassle of cords, batteries, charging and the obvious size of some devices. The makers say that they were aiming to make sex toys less sleazy and crude.

“In a world where high technology and luxury design seem to touch every corner of our lives, the most intimate experiences should be no exception,” A clause reads on the website.

Everything a woman wants, sophisticated, smart and practical!


The unique shape of the Duet enables every woman to find the most exciting combination of edges, surfaces and vibrations for her own delight. Because every woman’s body is different, the Duet was designed to offer an unprecedented range of possibilities.

Duet Features



The small metal base of the Duet detaches and plugs into any standard USB port, where it will recharge fully in under two hours. Hassle-free and environmentally-friendly, the Duet can charge in your computer or phone charger so it’s ready to go when you are.


Crave Duet pleausersPETITE & POWERFUL

Dynamic and discreet, the Duet packs surprising power in dual micro-motors. Slip the Duet into your hand for moments you want more intense sensations than your fingers can provide. With four vibration modes and four power levels, you’ll have fun discovering ideal combinations.


Crave Duet waterproof in ShowerGO FOR A SWIM! (CLOTHING OPTIONAL)

Completely waterproof when fully assembled, the Duet is perfect for playing in the bath, shower, or on your secluded ocean getaway. Submerge it safely for play or for easy cleaning with soap and water.



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