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8 Hot Sex Games To Enjoy More Fun In The Bedroom


8 Hot Sex Games To Enjoy More Fun In The Bedroom

If you want to have more fun in the bedroom again, try these simple sex games: 8 great ideas for more sex.

1. Twenty Minutes: A foreplay idea for the brave
There is only one rule in this game: no sex in the first 20 minutes! Everything else, however, is allowed: take your clothes off, smooch, go on a body safari - everything fun that makes you hot and wanting for more. The effect: You and your partner consciously take time for foreplay and do something different while exploring each other.

A variation on the game: Write down little notes with ten sexy foreplay fantasies, alternately pulling one until they're all "worked off" or until the 20 minutes is up - and you're ready for the climax of the day.

2. Cards of Love
In this hot sex idea, a card game determines the course of your lovemaking. First, sort out all the cards that do not contain numbers, such as Jack, Queen, King, Ace. After that, give each symbol a specific meaning. Diamonds for smooching, Spades for oral pleasure, etc., the numbers for the duration in seconds. So, if you draw a 9 of Spades, your partner must give you 9 seconds of oral pleasure. After that you switch. In this way, you arouse each other in small, hot steps until you reach the point of no return.

3. Seduction in The Dark
Blindfolding your partner is of course anything but new. But honestly, when did you both do this for the last time? Just surprise your partner again with a silk scarf at the next tingling moment and cover his/her eyes with it. And then you slay her/him with your kisses. Blindfolded, he/she perceives touches more intensely, and soon your partner will find himself/herself in seventh heaven of ecstasy. And the fun in bed is almost inevitable.

4. Truth or Dare - The classic among the sex games
Do you remember the famous teenage game called "truth or dare"? This version works the same way, except that there are only two candidates, you and your loved one. And the whole thing goes like this: Ask your sweetheart whether he/she chooses truth or dare. In "Truth" your partner has to answer an intimate question that you ask, in "Dare" your partner has to perform a (sexy) action you want. In this way, you are guaranteed to learn a lot about each other and ensure plenty of fun in bed.

5. Tie Me Up!
To give yourself up to your partner is totally sexy. For example, having your partner tie you to the bedpost or chair will not only show your complete confidence, but also absolute dedication. And even if it is very unfamiliar in the first few minutes - you will certainly not regret it.

6. Teenage Adventure: More Fun... In the Back Seat
Do you remember back when you fumbled wildly in the car with your first love? Bring back that excitement tonight. Take your partner by the hand, go out with him/her to the car and off to the back seat. And now comes the sexy role playing: he/she is the experienced, older boy or girl who teaches you the art of love, you are the inexperienced young boy or girl who explores curiously. The great thing is that he is in the position to give you instructions as he pleases. Maybe you’ll discover some unknown fantasies of your loved one.

7. Hot or Cold - A Hot Idea for More Sex Fun
In this game you’ll pamper your partner with hot and cold stimuli, while you treat him/her orally. I Begin by taking a sip of hot tea or ice water and hold it in your mouth for 10 seconds, swallow it and get started - tingling and goose bumps are guaranteed in this sex game.

Extra tip: Dip your fingers and hands in hot or cold water and gently caress your partners favorite pleasure areas. 

8. Mirror Game
For this intimate pleasure, ditch the clothes and face each other completely nude with your partner. One more thing – No Touching Each Other. Now you can choose a spot of your body and caress it to your heart's content. Then it's your partner’s turn. The trick: Your partner is your reflection and must imitate your moves and be happy with the same spots. You can both have a lot of fun and show each other what you like and where and how you like to be touched.

And now: to the bedroom! It's playtime!

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