Premier Couples Superstore (formerly Premier Adult Factory Outlet), established in 1973, was the first adult entertainment venue in Orlando and has been a part of the central Florida community for 39 years. We specialize in providing couples, men and women, adult entertainment products in a safe and fun environment. Our friendly staff and management are always willing to help you through you shopping experience.

Premier Couples Superstore was founded during the controversial time when the adult movie deep throat was tops at the box office and adult businesses were not embraced but prosecuted by the law. We have transformed through the years from the best movie theatre and video store to remain at the forefront in offering a diverse selection of high quality adult toys, lingerie and DVD’s.

We are entrepreneurs and pioneers in the adult industry and steadfast in our belief that mature adults should have the freedom to participate in the art of erotica. Because of our convictions we have fought many local and federal legal battles to stay in business.

Premier Couples Superstore is an important symbol of first amendment rights and we believe you should enjoy sex to the fullest. We offer a retail experience with a vast array of products for every fantasy. Women especially, as never before, play an active role in exploring there own sexual independence. We make this possible by providing hundreds of unique products especially for women.

Thanks for the support of our loyal customers. Without you all of this would not have been possible.

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