Ooh La Bra! Bra Straps Are Now Available In Store

Nov 14

Wear shoulder-bearing outfits with confidence! Ooh La Bra!’s beautiful line of bra straps replace unsightly ones, and attach to any strapless or convertible bra, eliminating the constant tugging of a slipping bra. Think of Ooh La Bra Straps as “functional jewelry” a beautiful accessory AND an indispensable means of support.

The trend of showing a bra strap might be considered kind of cool by some people, but most women can’t stand the look of an exposed bra strap. It simply ruins a really pretty outfit. With Ooh La Bra! bra straps, you simply take off the bra straps that came with your convertible or strapless bra, and replace them with unique, stylish ones that match your outfit! Most people won’t even know you are wearing bra straps because they look like jewelry on your shoulders. And the added benefit is that when you are wearing a strapless bra, you can stop constantly tugging at it to keep it lifted in place. Ooh La Bra! straps are beautiful, comfortable and practical, and there are over 65 styles!

Visit our store and select your favorite style. They’re perfect for the holidays or any occasion.

The collections include beautiful crystals, casual beads and shells, freshwater pearls, leather and metal. Straps for every outfit, every woman, every occasion.

Ooh La Bra! Straps

Ooh La Bra’s straps “lift you up”, quite literally and emotionally! We put our heart into everything we do. We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction and are constantly introducing new styles and products into our collections to compliment fashion trends.

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