December 16

Kids and Phones


Kids and Phones

This story was sent to us by one our friends:

About 3 years ago I was sitting on the toilet. I had started my menstrual cycle and as I was wiping, my 3 year old daughter came barreling into the bathroom.

She looked at me and then looked down and ran out of the bathroom. I just figured she freaked at what she saw and just ran out.

Well,the phone rang a few moments later, so I got up and ran to the phone and much to my surprise it was the city police. They said that they got a 911 call from there and couldn’t understand what the caller was saying.

They asked if I had a a little kid there and if everything was ok. I said, “yes, I have a kid but there wasn’t any problem.”

The officer scolded me and said I should teach my daughter only to use 911 for emergency purposes. At that point it dawned on me why she had called but I couldnt tell the officer.

I was too embarrassed to tell him that she thought my period was a sign of me bleeding to death. The kid thought I was sitting on the toilet, dying! Thank God I didn’t have to explain to him what had happened!

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