January 3

Sexy Italian female teacher banned from teaching, female parents prefer a Catholic priest?


Sexy Italian female teacher banned from teaching, female parents prefer a Catholic priest?


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The kids in Ileana's class love it, a-more-e, a-more-e, bella!

A stunning, beautiful, but very kinky, Italian female teacher has been banned from teaching further until it’s proven that she has put her past career “behind” her, starring in kinky, sexy films!

Parents are outraged at the Catholic school in Milan where Ileana teaches, they’ve even withdrawn their kids from lessons until she is replaced by a Catholic priest?

Ileana has three degrees and is perfectly qualified to teach, unfortunately earning a couple of Euro’s during her studies by starring in kinky films has been her downfall.

One outraged, staunch Catholic mother gave the following statement:

“She isa a whora, and should notta be teaching mia little bambino, I wanta a Catholica Priesta, theya can bea trusted?”

The headmaster wishes Ileana to stay and prefers not employing a Catholic priest because he enjoys the sight of her bending over the table whilst pouring his daily Capucchino.

Ileana just wants to teach, her sexy days are behind her and if given a second chance has promised to “blow” the headmaster away!

The kids in her class have been following her career on the internet and definitely want her to stay, por favori, bella!

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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